After having built Daytona Full Service Carwash in Windsor, Ontario in 1996, John Athan decided to move on and build Canada's first multiple in-bay car wash in the fast growing Town of Lakeshore, Ontario. From experience he saw that there was a demand for both types of exterior car washes. One being SOFT TOUCH and the other being TOUCH FREE. Construction began in October 2005 and was completed in February of 2006,  making Lakeshore Car Wash not just your ordinary wash but one of a kind.

Lakeshore car wash is a family owned and operated business.

We look forward to providing you with the best possible service for your money at our dynamic dual car wash facility.  

John Athan, the man behind LCW decided to build CANADA'S first Multiple In-Bay Car Wash, which consists of TWO Automatic Car Wash systems. The first is friction(soft-touch) and the second is touch-free. There are benefits of both and a strong customer base for both. We want to provide our customers with a choice. I was excited by the prospect of offering something new and revolutionizing the typical carwash experience.

Our soft-touch system provides exceptional cleaning performance using 'polyflex foam wash material'. Its lightweight and softness results to zero damage to customer vehicles. The touch-free system is unmatched by anything in the carwash industry today. It provides a high power performance cleaning using friendly enviroment chemicals and soft water.

Athan's high image multiple in-bay carwash is well known in Lakeshore for its upscale look and state of the art equipment. Our site is very appealing to the eye, he says. "we used high-end construction and high-tech equipment, and it's very user friendly for the customer.

I saw that there was obviously a market out here for exterior washing. The big guys in the city do a good job but l also thought there was a market for what we did. With our commitment to management, facilities and technology, we felt we could bring a very good value to this market. Athan says exterior-only carwashing will never replace full service carwashing since there are two types of customers-- those who appreciate exterior washing and those who have the time and the additional funds for full-service. But he does add that rising gas prices will have many customers rethinking how they spend money on their cars.

LCW customers pay for the wash using a Innovative Control Systems pay station. They then ride through the tunnel of their choice, which is loaded with high tech equipment. With the two top wash packages a Spot Free Rinse system enchances the sheeting effect and the water whisks right off the vehicle and since no blower ever gets 100% of the water off, whatever is left doesn't spot. The spot free rinse creates repeat business and establishes customer loyalty Athan says. Once the car is dried, the customer may drive to the self-serve vacuum area. Vending products are also available.

The wash prices are $12, $14, $16 tax included. The $12 wash is a basic carwash, the $14 wash includes undercarriage flush with rust inhibitor, a high pressure wheel and rocker panel blaster and spot free rinse. The $16 wash gives you the same as the $14 plus triple foam polish, and clearcoat protectant. Some customers are skeptical that we can give them a good wash at a low price. We are getting good reception, "Customers vote with their pocketbooks and we feel that we're making some good headway with what we are delivering", Athan says.

It has also given busy people a quick thorough carwash without the inconvenience of getting out of their vehicles. Some people have briefcases, pocket change among other things in their cars-- things they don't feel comfortable leaving in the car if they have to exit. Mothers with young children don't have to take their kids out either. It's a nice option for them.

While there is no employee standing at the pay station, they are always on the lookout for customers who look confused about the equipment. Security cameras help them see the customers when they are not outside on the lot. If we see someone is waiting a few extra seconds to pay, we will work our way over there to help them out in any way possible. Our facility is extremely well lit and has 24 hour survillence cameras to provide a safe enviroment for our customers to use day or night.

Another way LCW caters to their customer is by providing a clean, high-end facility in which they feel comfortable. We are giving our customers what they want. Athan's desire for offering customers the best can be traced back to his Daytona Car Wash location in South Windsor, which he was bought out of a year and a half ago. Athan revolutionized the full-service market in 1996 by building a beautiful full service carwash that would attract customers with expensive cars as well as those with cheaper transportation. "We wanted the guys with the Mercedes and BMWs to feel comfortable. They knew they were getting the best quality products and service. We even used animal-hair brushes, not synthetic brushes," he says.

Athan learned about exterior-only carwashing by visiting the United States and talking to other carwash owners and learned from their successes. When it came time to build his first mutiple in-bay facility, he knew exactly what he wanted. Everything has to be advertised, the equipment has to be reliable and consistent with a quality wash. Give us a try, you have nothing to lose but DIRT.

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