What is Detailing?

Detailing goes far beyond simple car washing.

It is the equivalent of sending your vehicle to a Beauty Spa. Not only will your vehicle look good... but you will look good in it too!

At Lakeshore Car Wash we define detailing as meticulous attention to your vehicle's appearance; a white glove service from front to back, inside and out.

Why Detail?

Your vehicle is more than just a transportation it's an investment, a statement, your home away from home. However did you know that you car's finish begins to deteriorate the moment you leave the dealership?

Detailing you vehicle restores near showroom beauty to painted and upholstered surfaces and gives them long term protection. Regular washing is made easier and more effective once detailing is performed because it removes dull haze buildup from your car's finish.


What do we use?

Only the BEST. We use premium products in our detailing services to ensure premium quality for your vehicle. Because we are conscientious of the environment, we use only biodegradable, non-polluting environmentally safe products.






Complete Interior

- Exterior Car Wash
- Clean & Condition Leather Seats & Panels
- Shampoo Upholstery
- Shampoo Carpets and Mats

$ 125.00

Complete Exterior

- Clay Bar to remove surface contaminants
- High speed polish and glaze which removes oxidation and light scratching
- Glazing of exterior trim and tires

$ 195.00

Showroom Extreme

- Complete Interior and Exterior Detail

$ 295.00




Detailing is by appointment only. Please call us for more information at 1-519-727-0438 or 519-818-5533